Building Bastrop

Buiding Bastrop - Project Page

simple city design consulting "The City of Bastrop is choosing to proactively manage growth rather than letting growth manage us. We are choosing to roll up our sleeves and begin Building Bastrop in a manner that will ensure a sustainable future. Building Bastrop will improve development in this community, help the City continue to invest in the infrastructure Bastrop needs, and provide the services our residents deserve.

Since we kicked off Building Bastrop in August the City has expanded its planning team to include
Simplecity Design, who have completed an in-depth analysis of Downtown Bastrop’s DNA and how it functions as a complete neighborhood as well as conducting an extensive evaluation of Bastrop’s current development codes. We have also held two Community Open Houses and three Community Tours, as well as multiple developer meetings and a Developer Open House, to provide opportunities for questions and feedback as we discuss what the future of Bastrop development could look like."-City of Bastrop

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